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How do you clip a Clipper’s owner from the team with out clipping yourself short?

I know I shouldn’t but I could not help myself. But seriously…

So we have Donald Sterling on a recording basically laying it out there that he is racist, and does not want be in the company of black people. Disgusting man. The LA Clippers (Sterling’s team) did a protest last night.

Ya know I can not stand to hear this. Because the kids hear it and I hate that. How do you explain that shit? How do you?!

So the conversation goes, “Son you know Mr. Sterling, that nice old man I introduced to you? You know the man I play for? Well he hates you son. He doesn’t even want to take a picture with you son. Don’t cry I am here. Oh he hates me too son. Oh and our whole family son. Also daddy’s idol Magic Johnson, he really can’t stand him. Wait catch your breath son.

Okay  I am going to tell you why. Son he would like you and me and our family if we were white. Or lord son…”

The LA Clippers lost to the Golden State Warriors in Oakland 118-97, just 36 hours after the Sterling mess came to light.

Please tell me that Sterling will be dismissed from the NBA some how. Please tell me that his racist ass will be gone soon.The team want’s him banned from playoff games. They want to know about any past complaints involving Sterling and racism. Thought’s? Do you think Adam Silver has the power to do anything if so what?

One of the acts done by the LA Clippers was to throw their warm up jackets on the court in a pile. That revealed that their shirts were turned inside out to hide the team logo.




So we near the third installment of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion


What have we learned so far?
Kenya goes into long monologues instead of keeping it simple.

Please stop trying to get you point across to those evil bitches. They could care less. Please stand by your decisions in reference to Nene, Phaedra, and especially Porsha.

Kandi will strike back at her mother in a horrible and low way.

Don’t call out your mom’s financial habits. It doesn’t make you sound right. You look like you are being mean. Hmm wonder where you get that from?

Mama Joyce can appear high and drunk while being sober.

Your daughter supports you financially and simply because you are her mother. Why are you acting like a fool, hateful, mean, and just plain crazy? People don’t know whether to laugh or scream. So out of some weird respect they laugh. Is there a real ” lady” in there somewhere?”

Phaedra is sure that saying low things, and hurling insults make her a good christian. Not!

What the hell kind of bible study has she been to? When is the real Phaedra going to show? Just kidding she shows her hatefulness whenever she can. Does Phaedra realize that everyone knows that Apolo is no saint. Does Phaedra realize that her insults do nothing for her image? Does she care…nope.

Nene is not having a good season, and makes the word “empathy” sound made up?

Nene just no, just no! Really? You don’t know why Cynthia is feeling the way she does? Oh yeah I forgot you don’t give a shit. Oh yeah if you call Porsha Kenya will call Marlo.

Andy please fire the haters on Nene’s couch including Nene.

Do you remember the time when…anyway